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Smart product recommendation, customer service, interactive marketing, and more possibilities.

The whole new experience to connect with brands and stores

Interacting with customers through multilingual conversations, as simple as chatting with friends.

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Omni-channel Experience

Installable on the most engaging platforms, where your customers are.

  • Facebook
  • LINE
  • WeChat
  • Web
  • App

Personalization through Data

Chat differently with VIPs and price-conscious consumers by learning conversation data automatically.

Real Clients

We are the most experienced chatbot maker in Asia, so our in-house developed framework is trusted by renowned clients in real life.

Stay tuned. More amazing bots are coming.


We understand what your business and your customers need.


  • Conversational sales tactics
  • Online-to-offline activities
  • Store locator
  • Inventory integration


  • Scalable 24/7 concierge
  • Q&A matching
  • Help desk backend
  • Replacement of emails and IVR


  • Personalized content subscription
  • Storytelling ad destination
  • 90%+ open rate
  • Replacement of EDM and SMS

E-commerce (Beta)

  • Instant setup for major platforms
  • Customizable dialogue templates
  • Payments in messaging apps
  • Month-to-month billing


Start small. Hiring chatbot may be as affordable as making website.


  • Free idea discovery
  • Flexible one-off customization
  • Deep system integration
  • Monthly maintenance


  • Free setup (Facebook only)
  • Self-service control panel
  • E-commerce integration
  • 5% sales commission

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